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Located just 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe and 30 minutes from north Albuquerque, HCF is a carefully planned intimate setting for horses to reside, train and thrive!

Owned since 1999 by Maureen Mestas, Hell Canyon Farm is personally managed by her and husband, Brian Nenninger.  Maureen and Brian live onsite. Each detail to daily living for the horses is personally attended to by their dedicated staff of experienced horsemen.  Maureen’s 50+ years as a horsewoman and her extensive training in Germany for 10 years - she is one of only a few American amateur riders to be awarded the Bronze and Silver Medals in the German FN - gives her insight and expertise in efficient and effective equine management.  Maureen's trained through Klasse S (Grand Prix) in Germany.  All horses, from top FEI competition horses to pleasure or trail companions will appreciate this setting in the shade of the majestic cottonwood trees and cool grass that surround the property. Maureen and Brian maintain a safe, spacious and easy environment for equestrian pursuits.  Brian - who is also a lifetime horseman having grown up on a horse farm in Missouri and worked for several years at a veterinary surgery - assists Maureen with the breeding of quality Hanoverian and Oldenburg horses for dressage and hunter/jumper pursuits. Brian is a highly successful, well-respected executive in the hospitality and real estate development industries, he brings to HCF a great insight into excellent delivery of services and client satisfaction.

Ask horse owners, clinicians and trainers to describe Hell Canyon Farm and often among their first words is “CLEAN!” The next word is "Dedicated."

The mirrored dressage arena is state of the art. Maureen has designed and installed numerous arenas for her own facilities and for her clients. Educated in footing quality by master coaches and riders from around the world, Maureen strives to provide each horse with quality footing that promotes their training growth and maintains their health and fitness. Large paddocks provide space outside the barn for relaxation along the river banks.

A 55’ round pen also has Premiere ProStride and sand footing. The facilities are fully perimeter-fenced in 5’ pipe fencing with livestock mesh. Gates are secured each night for safety.

Maureen brings top dressage coaches and trainers to Santa Fe each year.  Since 2018,  She has hosted the Jeremy Steinberg Dressage Clinic Series.  This series features Jeremy working with students in dressage and other disciplines.   Jeremy comes to Santa Fe 4 times per year to train his students.   If you ride with Jeremy, you know that you and your horse are learning from one of the best, most sought-after teachers in dressage today.  


Also coming to Santa Fe at Maureen's invitation is international USEF S Judge, Kristi Wysocki.  Kristi is a highly-regarded judge and coach to riders from the lower levels all the way to FEI Gran Prix champions.  

Comments From Friends Of HCF...


"HCF is the best setting for a horse to live and train that you could wish for." L.B. 2003


"Maureen's knowledge of horses and their care is world class, A+." A.Z. 


"Our horse is so happy in the shade of the trees and we love to hear the sound of river." S.S. 


"We will overnight our horses at HCF every time we come through New Mexico !"

T.C.A. Production Co. 

"Maureen and Brian gave our horses the best treatment while we were there. The horses are happy and thriving at (HCF)..." A.B. 



"This is an exceptional place for any horse and rider to excel at dressage.  The commitment to correct training and fun never stops!..." N.N.


There is no where  like HCF and no other owner like Maureen Mestas who is so committed to making dressage accessible in New Mexico.  She brings outstanding talent like Rachel Saavedra and Jeremy Steinberg to everyone for learning, excellence and the pure joy of the sport"  J.C.



Maureen brings world-class coaches like Jeremy Steinberg right here to Santa Fe...Awesome!!


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