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About our Temperament Scale:

We imprint, handle and observe each of our foals from birth.  They are given the best in environment and nutrition to ensure the best start to a long, happy life as a performance horse and partner.   With adult horses, we commit to the same level of care and experience.  Their training is with experienced professionals in regular work for their intended use and discipline.  Because of this, we try to give interested buyers an understandable, uniform system of evaluating each of our horses' character by "temperament."   A simple Temperament scale from 1 (overly calm) to 10 (red hot) is used to help you assess suitability.  We are also happy to discuss in detail each horse's individual personality and character attributes.  IMPORTANT:  The Temperament Scale is only a general guide and not intended to be a guarantee and/or substitute for your own in-person assessment of our sale horses.

Floriscount xWertherson - 2105  Hanoverian Mare

Currently standing at 16.2h.  This stunning chestnut filly promises to be an exceptional dressage talent.  Bold, beautiful gaits and correct in every way for top level FEI competition.  Uphill shoulder, natural neck carriage for collection.  Beautiful reaching walk and a powerful hind leg for impulsion and expression.  Sweet, curious and polite.  This lovely young superstar is a quick, bright student in ground work and under saddle.  By the German stallion Floriscount (Florencio Donnerhall) out of the Elite/Premium Hanoverian Mare, Folie A Deux (Wertherson).   Floriscount is a stallion whose offspring  are at the top of the auctions and now winning in dressage rings around the world.   Rated in the top 1% of German sires for ridability; breeding value of 150pts;  safety factor of 84%  - Florsicount is a proven sire.  Folie A Deux  consistently passes  on all the desirable traits of the Wertherson (Werther) line.   Outstanding, expressive walk, trot, canter.  This stunning filly is exceptional.  Here is an opportunity to have a dressage partner to take you to the top! $40,000 USD (effective July 2018)

London - 2013 Hanoverian Mare

Confirmed FEI dressage prospect + H/J Success! Reserve Champion & stack of Blue Ribbons for this amazing mare in her first 2 years of shows. 5/2018 maiden dressage show results - 64.3% for her & 15 yr old Young Rider. 71.6% in FEI 5 yr old test in July 2018! Comments from the judges included "Clear FEI potential for this horse." An elegant 16.1h+ young lady, in professional training since age 3, showing rideability, talent in all three gaits. Started with a solid, classical dressage foundation. She exhibits a reaching, supple walk; a beautiful, ground-covering trot with cadenced rhythm & natural extension; & a balanced, organized canter that already has easy adjustability & changes. This gorgeous chestnut girl is no slouch in the brains department. She is ultra sensible, thoughtful & highly trainable. This stunning mare has presence in all 3 rings & in the dressage. She works willingly with youth, adult, amateur or pro. London is a forward thinking horse who works off the seat & light in the bridle. She is easy to sit & has natural self carriage. Great scope over the jumps - she is focused, confident & composed. She is already a seasoned show pro - shown at highly active venues such as Hipico Santa Fe, Westworld Scottsdale & Colorado Horse Park for A-rated shows. Great barn manners, regular body clipping, braiding, farrier/vet/groom handling, trailering. She has picked up all the favorable traits of her sire, Beste Gold (Belucci) - AWR High Score Stallion of NA. Her dam, is the Elite/Premium Hanoverian Mare, Folie A Deux - known for her work ethic & elegant movement. Clean baseline xrays. Excellent Temperament!  Temperament scale 3 out of 10 - she is going to be a trainable, willing  and winning partner for you!  

$38,000 USD (effective July 2018)

VIDEO from 09/2017

VIDEO from 5/2016 

Migo - 2006 Canadian Sporthorse Gelding

This very willing 16.2h+ fella is eager for his new home and his next job.  Great work ethic.  Works from the seat and leg to the bit, quiet in the hand.   Three lovely gaits make him suitable for dressage, H/J.  He is also a great prospect for field hunters and eventing.  Recent baseline PPE.  Sound with no injury or health issues.  Sane mind.  Has had professional training.   Some H/J schooling started.  Migo is a trusting, easy horse who goes well with a confident rider and clear aids.  You will enjoy this willing partner in the ring or on the trail.  Video available:  Temperament scale 3 out of 10 SOLD!  Congratulations to Migo's new owner!!

Barcelona - 2014 Hanoverian Mare

Now standing 16h (2017 video & photos coming soon!).  By the award-winning sire, Beste Gold (Belucci) -AWR High Score Stallion of NA.  Out of the stunning AHS Elite/Premium Hanoverian mare, Folie A Deux (Wertherson), this athletic young lady is a top dressage prospect.  Big movement  already developing, quick hind end, expressive in all three gaits.  Schooling at training level, developing easy changes.  Barcelona has an amazingly easy and eager attitude to learn!  Flashy white and dark chestnut chrome will make her an eyecatching partner in any show arena.  Trailers, clips, ties since a foal.  This sweet girl is easy-going.    With a temperament scale at  3 out of 10, you will enjoy her good nature and intelligence.     SOLD!  Congratulations to new owner, Linda B.  Enjoy your talented girl!  

Albion HCF - 1999 Registered Polish  Arab Gelding 

Currently in professional Dressage training;  Also has English/Western  Pleasure training; Trails/Wilderness Riding experience.  15.1H gentleman with super sweet disposition. Easy to body clip, shoe, trailer, ground tie.  He is a natural dressage star, loves to trail ride and field hunt, and jumps 2'6" effortlessly.  In recent clinics with both Sarah Dodge and Dolly Hannon, both said this is a very talented, rideable horse who can move up the levels!  Sound on all legs, no past injuries, no bad habits.  Put this horse in the trailer today and go to the shows or hit the trail!!    CONGRATULATIONS New Owner, COLLETTE - Enjoy RJ!  

Jessie - 2002 Registered Paint Mare

An amazing talent for the amateur rider seeking their first dressage partner.  Jessie is kind, willing and enthusiastic about her work.  15.3H, she has three supple, floating gaits and lots of  black/white overo flash for the show ring.   No bad habits or marish behavior.  Temperament scale is a solid 3 out of 10.  Congratulations to Ryder on his first dressage horse - what an excellent match!  You go get 'em. Ryder! 

Werbinstern - 2002 Oldenburg Gelding

Registered 17.1H Oldenburg with big movement and big talent.  By Werbellin(Weltmeyer) out of an Alpenstern mare.  A successful dressage and hunter/jumper with versatility and adaptability for any rider.  Amateur wins in training and 1st level (60s and 70s with comments from judges..."exceptional gaits"..."lots of talent.")  Also in the top ribbons by an amateur in Hunter 2' 6" to 3' and Hunter Equitation.  Confirmed changes, lateral movement and 3 nice gaits.  Solid training and coaching.    At a recent Lauren Ogden clinic, she found him to be very rideable and talented.  A great candidate for someone seeking a lower level dressage partner or amateur hunter.   Rideability, experience - and much more ahead for this horse!  Temperament scale 4 out of 10

Congratulations to new owner Amanda L. !!!!

Seattle - 1999 TB/QH Gelding

Beautiful 15.3H black with 3 easy gaits.  A Secretariat grandson on the sire and also Seattle Slew on the dam side.  A friendly, people-pleasing fellow with personality and charm.  Easy to load, clip and handle.  Quiet for the farrier and vet.  Trail rides and works in lower level dressage with no effort.  Fit, sound and ready for his new home.  Temperament scale of 3 out of 10.

Congratulations to new owner Cynthia B.!!!!